NEW Cell Group – Group Talks

If you like getting together with friends to discuss life and faith (or want to) then we’ve got some discussion helpers for you. We call them ‘Group Talks’ cuz they’re meant to guide a small group conversation between you and some friends. You can gather with just your homies, just your sisters or have a […]

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NEW Group Talks Added!

Do you like to get together and talk with your friends? NOT like the picture above though. That’s not even talking but we won’t get into that right now because it’s another conversation for some other time. Wanna talk about some deeper stuff than the # of kills you made in C.O.D or what drama […]

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California Gurls

Katy Perry’s on fire these days. The ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer put on a show at the MTV Movie Awards recently. Her new album Teenage Dream doesn’t drop till August 24th but the single California Gurls song and video came out in May. It’s totally catchy and pretty popular. How popular? Well, it was […]

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