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With Circle of 6, you can connect with your friends to stay close, stay safe and prevent violence before it happens.

How’s your Fall going?
Being back to school in the Fall means new friends, relationships and Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes our decisions lead us into vulnerable spots and unfortunately it’s mostly you girls who end [...]

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Pink Shirt Day -April 14

[ April 14, 2010; ]
Help Stop Bullying & Raise Awareness
Have you ever been bullied? If so (the stats say 1 in 5 is) then you know that it sucks.

April 14, 2010 is Pink Shirt Day in Canada. Stand together with others in your school, community, province and across Canada to raise awareness about the issue. Send a message to [...]

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Abused Teen Finds Hope

When 18-year-old Gwen Boyne was stabbed in the back of her head by her boyfriend, she thought she would die. Brad wanted to control, demean, harm and punish her. He had succeeded to do so countless times before. This time Gwen was determined to take back her power and right to be treated with dignity [...]

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Abuse Stinks – Hope for Healing

I remembered the talks with my mom about what’s “right” and what’s “wrong.” I remembered those flash cards they showed at school about inappropriate touching. I knew that no meant no, but I didn’t think my step-dad was doing anything that required a no.
I also remember the first time. I was seven and like [...]

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