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Surrender Episode 6 - 673

Surrender In The City – Ep#6

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In episode #6, Heidi runs into a counterfeit Jesus, has another bout of bathroom blues, and tells us about her weekend at Camp Sunrise.

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live in Christian community amongst the street population in the inner-city where there’s open drug use?

Surrender In The City: A Year At The War College will give you a first hand account of what that’s like. It’s the online video journey of first year student Heidi Adams as she navigates life as a part of The War College.

Watch each week as Heidi shares her thoughts/insights/struggles and victories with us. If you’re feeling it… pray for her!

Got questions/comments about what Heidi shared? Leave her a comment and she’ll get back to you on it!

Don’t know what The War College is? Check it out here.

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  • David Cole

    Love the German music Heidi! Blessings as you live out a year at the War College.

  • heidster

    My German room mate keeps singing me that song. I think she’s happy to know a Heidi who isn’t completely sick of having people serenade them with it. Blessing on you, Tabea, and Josiah and your ministry in Germany!