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Stop Kanye West’s Monster

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[*EDITOR NOTE - Given it's inappropriate sexually graphic imagery, and The Salvation Army DO NOT encourage or condone anyone - especially those under 18 yrs old - to view this teaser or any leaked versions of the full video online.]

This is an urgent call for action to you AND ALL YOUR NETWORKS!

Stand up to rapper Kanye West, MTV and Universal Music Group and tell them he’s gone too far with his soon to be ‘officially’ released music video ‘Monster.’ Fellow rappers Rick Ross and Jay-Z are also in the vid.

The 30 second teaser shows various women using extremely disturbing and sexually explicit imagery in which they
- have little or no clothing on and
- are being tortured or
- look drugged or dead.

Put Kanye and the boys in their place and tell them that this is an unacceptable portrayal of women regardless of the point he might be trying to make.

Stop the Monster video before it’s officially released. Raise your voice, take a stand for girls and women and sign your name.


petition 1 | petition 2 | on facebook


Go to Kanye’s Facebook page & record a video telling him what you think about his video and what you want him to do.


  1. Spread the word via your facebook network
  2. drop a comment on Kanye’s Facebook page
  3. Tweet – “#kanyewest teach men to be REAL men, not cowardly monsters. Pull the “Monster” video and stop promoting sexual violence against your sisters.”
  4. If you discover the leaked vid while surfing youtube, flag it as inapproriate. **UPDATE – official video has been released as of June 2011** (reminder… we recommend you DON’T WATCH IT! Especially if you’re under 18 yrs old.) Just flag it without watching it.

Follow the link to the petitions for more info and to read the letters to MTV and Universal Music.

PS – Can we suggest you don’t buy or download the song either. That should be obvious but we felt the need to say it. Getting the song just tells Kanye he’s the man and not only are you making him richer (if you actually buy it), you’re also giving approval to who he is and what he’s produced.

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  • Edwin

    Yes bold article!I will not buy the track!!!
    Hats off Clint!!

  • Anna

    I agree with Edwin! I will not buy it and I will not see it!

  • Thanks Clint!

  • Faith

    Thank you for making us aware. We need to speak out.

  • As the co-author of both petitions (along with Melinda Tankard Reist) THANK YOU!!!! The more of us that band together and send the unified message that misogyny is in no way acceptable as entertainment, the more likely we will be heard and respected. I will be spreading the word via social media about your action. In hope …

  • Jeanne

    does the term “snuff film” mean anything to you. I thought they were illegal in the US. I suppose they come one step short of showing them killing someone during sex. I think you can also report the video to Youtube as it violates all sorts of their terms and conditions. Ask Youtube to remove it

  • Michael Carlisle

    This group is trying to help ban the music video “Monster” by Kanye West because you interpret the video and the shocking imagery to be pro violence against women. I am against censorship in media and against banning something just because we interpret it as bad.

    I am pro freedom of speech and pro freedom of expression. Even though I don’t really care for West I still will fight for his right to express his art. Apparently his intentions are not pro-violence towards women but to make a point about how we see black people as sexual predators. I can’t condemn someone’s art if their intentions are good. I would hate it if I made a video with good intentions and it was banned because of misinterpretation.

  • Michael Carlisle

    I cannot participate in or condone such a site as silly as this. Just because you disagree with his view, does not mean it should be banned and not seen by anyone. It could touch the lives of many, and yes it could be misinterpreted but it’s art, that’s what art does. “The Deer Hunter” was never meant to cause people to play russian roulette and kill themselves but people did it anyways.

    Art does not cause people to kill each other, people kill each other. Violence against women is going to happen regardless of whether this video comes out. So stand up and do something useful!

    I have never beat anybody up, nevermind women. I have no intention to ever hurt anybody. I am from Booth University College in Winnipeg and we are all anti abusive people. I, as an individual, condemn censorship of art and censorship of expression. Kanye’s video should not be banned.

  • Michael Carlisle

    Lastly, just because the images are shocking and disturbing does not mean it is “evil” or “bad” Shocking images grab our attention and make us pay attention. It’s similar to what PETA does when they make posters comparing the slaughter of cows to the holocaust.

    Not everything has to look pretty and be squeky clean to send a message. Like Saw, I hate Saw because I see nothing but gore, others see an amazing film with a great message. Are they wrong? Am I wrong? No, it is art. Art has many interpretations and should not be banned if a few people see it as “snuff” or anti-woman

  • Clint (site editor)

    hey michael,
    Thanks for exercising your freedom of speech and sharing your thoughts with us on this ‘silly site’ as you call it. I won’t bother responding to a number of your points because obviously you see this issue differently than I and many others. I wish I was in Winnipeg so we could go out for a coffee and chat more about it but alas I’m not. Can I just close (and I’m not wanting a response or comment back thanks) by pointing out that imo, I think the issue isn’t so much the point he’s trying to make but his attitude, words and imagery used to get his point across.

  • Steven

    I think the video is awesome. Go petition something thats actually worthwhile.

  • a lot of great points from both sides of the conversation.

    i will say this: i happen to enjoy most of kanye west’s stuff and some hip hop/rap. however, there’s no question a lot of rap and hip hop, even artists i like, have lyrics and make videos that differ drastically from my christian worldview. ninety per cent of rap videos are full of images of degrading women. sometimes it’s meaningless and offensive. sometimes it’s hyperbole to provoke thought; it comments on the issues.

    it’s important to have these conversations and make people think about the things they hear and see.

    on the other hand, sendthefire needs freedom of speech/expression as well. atheists and followers of other religions may find something on this site. what do we say to them?

    we have the right to write and talk about the offensive material in the arts and media. artists and media folks have the right to be offensive.

    censorship is an option until it’s our message/content being censored.

    that’s my two cents. keep up the good work sharon. keep the conversation going.

  • As a Canadian Member of Parliament who is committed to combating sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, I would like to thank all those who have signed the petitions and taken action to curb the portrayals of violence against women and girls in today’s culture. We have a duty to uphold the dignity and freedoms of all, especially those who are most vulnerable. By working together, we can prevent further exploitation and tragedy.


    Joy Smith
    Member of Parliament
    Kildonan – St. Paul

  • Dear Joy,

    As the co-editor of (co-sponsor/author of petition) and a Canadian, I sincerely thank you for taking a firm stand against violence and the sexual exploitation of women. I would love to collaborate with you further but I cannot access your website. Can you contact me via teamadiosbarbie at gmail dot com?

    Many thanks,
    Sharon Haywood

  • Freedom of speech at the expense of exploited, vulnerable people groups who are already suffering great injustices is no kind of freedom I’m interested in. Hitler used ‘the law’ to hide behind some incredibly dangerous philosophies and managed to convince a population group through hate propaganda to agree with murder in the name of the common good. I’m all for freedom if that’s what it is. But this is not art – it’s violence, murder and sexual exploitation. And that needs to stop. Now. How’s that for freedom? :-)

  • Ann Marshall

    I’ve been reading lots of comments about video on various sites, while i am definetely pro – freedom of speech, i have a couple of observations to make.

    Firstly, people have rights, but along with rights they also have responsibilites, it’s time the people creating misogynist imagery and language in the media start acknowledging the adult responsibilities they have when producing imagery that will be viewed and will effect the sexual development of children – boy children and girl children. ( and i know it will because it effected me strongly when i was a young teen)

    Secondly, so far the only defenders of this video that i have seen so far have been male. Whether they are defending kayne personally or the video content, what is clear to me is that there is a vast divide between how women feel and react to screen violence against women, vs these male responses. Don’t you get it? Maybe some people don’t feel pain when they watch this imagery, but the majority of women do. Can’t you respect the fact that it is actually physically and mentally inflicting pain on women to watch this imagery? Isn’t that enough for us as a culture to start acknowledging the rights of women to not feel pain link to sexuality at every turn? And isn’t a male right to develop a gentle sexuality that celebrates and protects fragility and vunerability rather torturing it and raping it?

    That’s all i got to say.

  • Jenna

    There is nothing wrong with Kanye West’s song Monster or the original video to it (if it has been altered for some stupid reason). Plus, the song is called MONSTER for a reason! Anyways if you listen to the song you would get why he had all he did in the video! I’m 13 and I watched it! So what? MTV should play the original video… They play worse stuff on TV than that. Kanye West shouldn’t listen to you a**holes! And even if it doesn’t get played on TV, it will still be on the internet and he will still get profit from it! So there!

  • Jenna

    Oh and one more thing, I’m a girl and I have been abused. This video does NOT mean Kanye supports abusing women, which I know he doesn’t because I AM a true fan!

  • Clint – the editor

    Jenna, thanks for sharing your personal thoughts with us! I (and I’m sure I speak on behalf or MANY others on this site) am saddened to hear that you have been abused. My heart is not that you agree with others perspectives but that you find full and complete healing (mentally, emotionally & spiritually) from what took place in your past. I hope you know that you’re beautiful, worthy of love and acceptance and that you did not, in any way, deserve what happened to you. And I mean not only know it in your head but embrace it in your heart. My prayer is that you rise above your past to find freedom through forgiveness and discover the unconditional and perfect love of God in your life journey. ♥