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Stations of The Cross

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Jesus - Stations of CrossStations are places you pause, wait, think and contemplate. Typically it’s where you might wait while you are on a journey from one place to another or going about your daily routine. This could include bus stops for school or transit. You might also find yourself waiting in a train station and airports are kinda like that too.

Stations can also be a spiritual stop or pause. There are some spiritual stations called Stations of the Cross where you pause, wait, think and contemplate about Jesus the God man and his life.

Stations of the Cross are a journey of reflection that people take which follows Jesus during his final hours as he is arrested, on trial, crucified and buried. It can also be referred to as Way of the Cross, Via Crucis, Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows. It’s typically but not exclusively observed by Catholics and walked through during the days leading up to Easter, especially Good Friday. It’s image driven and can include a short writing, scripture or prayer. There are a few different versions of the stations, a traditional one and more recently a straight scripture one. Each has fourteen stations in it but the traditional one includes a few stations that aren’t specifically mentioned in the bible (stations 3,4,6,7, 9 and 13). One thing to note too is that the story it tells is incomplete. It doesn’t tell the whole story because the story isn’t over. Jesus comes back to life!

We included these stations on the site this year because we think there is value for us to slow down and contemplate the deeper things in life, specifically the person of Jesus Christ and what that might mean for us in our lives today. We used the traditional version because while the images are modernized, we liked the idea of sticking to tradition. Maybe next year we’ll post the newer version.

- slow down (it’s not a race!).
- get comfy, quiet and remove distractions from around you (power off cell & ditch mp3 player).
- pay attention to your emotions & thoughts as you journey along.
- jot down/journal some of your emotions & thoughts as you go.
- share your feelings, thoughts & reflections with us on the last post after you’re done.
- go slow (did we mention this already?!).
- feel free to take the journey more than once and/or do one station a day.


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