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If you think about the word ‘soldier’, many images and words come to mind. In The Salvation Army, backstage pass, card carrying members of the church are called soldiers. Below is one young university student’s view on soldiership.


What is it?
It is a call. A stance. A commitment. A covenant.
It is a start to a lifelong journey of service, and to know intimately the heart of our compassionate and just God.
It is a sanctification to rise up, to become a holy people.
It is a charge to ‘go forth’ and be led by the Consuming Fire, as Israel was led by the pillar of fire.
It is a declaration that Jesus is Messiah, the Victor; we are to make it known. Be bold; we are not ashamed.
It is a responsibility to finish the saving work of the Messiah, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, taking in the stranger, clothing the naked, and visiting the prisoner and the sick.
It is an awareness of the work of the Adversary and the spiritual forces of destruction. It is an intercession and perseverance in the Strength of His might against such things.
It is a defiance to the darkness in the Name of the Light of the World.
It is an agreement, made in humility, that we are not our own, we are not powerful in ourselves, but made powerful in the Holy Spirit.
It is a reliance on the community of brothers and sisters in Messiah who are labouring at our side.
It is a mission, the Great Commission.
It is an action, not a reaction.
It is a cry, because the world cries.
It is a song.
It is a sacrifice.
It is a call. A stance. A commitment. A covenant.
Are you up for the task?
Are you ready for the challenge?
It is the FIGHT for purity, for holiness, for justice, for mercy, for humility, for forgiveness, for nobility, for love …

For victory we already have.
The army of blood and fire. Unite.

:: by Sarah Wiatr of Edmonton, AB
I’m a full-time student studying Elementary Education at the University of Alberta and a follower of Jesus seeking God’s will for my life.

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  • Angela

    Great Fantastic Job Really inspirational I dont even know what to say haha but wonderfully made