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I know some people don’t really like school. The boring classes, tough assignments, exams and all the rest aren’t exactly the funnest way to spend our days. But have you ever thought what life would be like without an education? I don’t mean chillin at home playing games all day either! Today there are around 58 million children around the world excluded from school because they have to work, were forced to get married too young, they are discriminated against, exploited or living in war-torn regions where their schools, friends and teachers are under attack.

The Salvation Army has pledged its support to one of the biggest petitions in history – #UpForSchool – demanding that world leaders take immediate action to get every girl and boy into school. EVERYONE connected with The Salvation Army is being called on to join the five million people who have already signed the petition! The signatures are being gathered together in time for The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary congress in London in July.

Join us! And get your friends, brothers & sisters (aged 7+), teachers, parents and youth group leaders to sign too!

How to sign the #UpForSchool petition:

1. SIGN ONLINE until midnight July 2:

2. OR a group paper petition can be printed in French or English from the links below. Petitions should be sent to:

ATTN: Jessica McKeachie
The Salvation Army THQ
2 Overlea Blvd
Toronto ON M4H1P4

The cut-off date for signed paper petitions to be at headquarters is June 20.

ENGLISH Petition

FRENCH Petition

If you have any questions, email Jessica McKeachie

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