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Where’s God?

“Where is God?”
If you’ve asked this question wondering where God is in your life this resource will help you see what He’s speaking, saying and doing in and around your life. These 5 steps for silent reflection are based on Ignatius of Loyola’s Awareness Examen.
*Save the .pdf to your phone for handy access and/or print [...]


Apostle’s Creed

Pray this prayer that’s been passed through the centuries and is rooted firmly in Christian history and practice. Early church leaders used this creed to ensure the Apostle’s teaching was remembered and passed on to the next generation.
*Save the .pdf to your phone for handy access and/or print it out and tuck it into your [...]

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Samuel Brengle – Heart For God

One of the great Salvation Army writers on holiness, brought fresh to today’s reader, completely revised and updated.
‘We hear Brengle speak with a modern accent that comes across with a startling relevance… You will sense Brengle’s wisdom, his understanding of human nature, his sympathy with our failings, his awareness of our yearnings and hopes.’ (General [...]


Challenging Evil

Subtitle: Dispatches from the frontlines of Radical Justice
by S.Carvosso Gauntlett and Danielle Strickland
This is a shocking read of the brave and reckless daring of pioneer Salvation Army peeps who risked their lives and reputations to make a better world. Human trafficking extreme poverty gender inequality and other social evils spread like a darkness across [...]


Soldier Tee – Guys

suhweet swag huh?!
Get outfitted with different battle gear for the varying fronts you find yourself on.


Soldier Tee – Girls

Slip on this sweet lookin’ tee when hitting school, going to work or chillin’ around your town/city!


Officer Tee – Guys

Get Your Tee On!
For those days when you’re wanting to be casual and comfy!


Officer Tee – Girls

Switch the blouse for the tee!
For those days when you’re wanting to be casual and comfy!


Lights Justice Tee – Unisex

Wear this tee while you light up the world with justice.
Long before the current Fairtrade trend, this tee highlights a time when The Salvation Army tackled this justice issue head-on and saw victory for victims and a change in society. Check out the story in the book – INSANE.

Pray The Bible

Try praying the bible to add variety and power to your prayer.
It makes scripture personal ’cause you can try inserting your name into scripture and hey It’s repeating the Words of God how sweet is that?! This little sheet has a number of scriptures for you to pray. Try playing some instrumental music in the [...]


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