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Sexting Alternative

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Asking for nude pics used to be reserved for ‘weirdos’ but in more recent years as this phenomenon has moved past being a trend and into a more mainstream place it’s as easily a friend from school doing the asking.

Have you or your friends ever been bugged by someone asking for a pic of your ‘goods’? Apparently one out of every six kids has felt the pressure of being asked to participate.

Often times, people are confused as to how to respond to such a request. Well… now there there’s an app for that!!!

Send a strong, clear and quite witty .jpg response using pre-designed images in the app like the image above.

The app has some other useful features too like:
- reporting people asking for pics*
- educational section called ‘Life Bytes’
- resources on how to help you get nude sexting pics off the internet (

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Wondering… what do you think of this app? Will you download it? Use it? Share it?

* we’d suggest you also share your concerns/experience with a trusted adult in your life who may help you navigate any conversations with the asker, parents and/or authorities (school administration/RCMP)

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