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Run For Freedom

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September 10, 2011toOctober 2, 2011

Run for freedom. Run hard, run crazy. Run to fight against the issue of human trafficking!

Enter a relay team to run 100km. Each runner raises money. All team money is forwarded to race organizers who will distribute amongst Canadian service providers who are fighting against human trafficking and helping rescued victims.

Get some friends together from school, work or your sports team! Plan your route then start fundraising!

DATE: Sept 10 – Oct 1, 2011 (see province breakdown here)
LOCATION: all across Canada
COST: $100 to enter a team; runners must also fundraise
OPEN TO: anyone
MORE INFO: Clint or Freedom Relay Canada 2011 to register and for pledge forms

Help Spread the word – tweet & facebook the video and/or this post link!

Q: Does each team participant need to run 100km?
A: No. Break the 100km up across the team so each member runs their portion. (EG: team of 10 pple – each person runs 10km for a total of 100km)

Q: Does our route need to be 100km?
A: No. You just need to make sure each person’s amount adds up to 100km in total. Make your route whatever size you want and just run it multiple times to equal 100km total.

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  • steph

    Uh…. what if we jog? Or walk briskly? I can run for like, 27 metres before I start looking for a bench…

  • Clint

    Great question Steph!

    Short answer… give it your best shot to jog but at the end of the day, shuffle, walk, crawl your portion of the relay to get it done!

    Long answer… kick the nic, fatty foods, caffeine and get outside for 20 to 30 mins of exercise 3+ days a week and your body will love you!

  • Joan Graham

    I have been asked if people are seeking pledges for their run/walk, are the donations receiptable for income tax purposes…..and from where would these receipts be issued?

    Please also provide me the registered charitable organization number.


    Joan Graham
    Administrative Secretary for The Salation Army North York Temple

  • Steph

    I’m pretty sure details on tax receipts are available on the website.

    (at this point she opens a new tab and goes to look)

    Yeah – there is a tab for details on donations on the site if you want to check that out – under “Donate/Submit Pledges”.

    They mention that tax receipts are issued through CEASE – so I googled that, and got this website:

    If you get any more questions I’d just direct them to either this page or the event page – all the details are in one place & saves you having to ask on their behalf :D