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Resolutions For Freedom!

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Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. Maybe you made yours up off the top of your head at 12:30am on Jan 1st after watching the ‘Apple’ drop when someone wished you happy New Years and asked you if you had any resolutions.

Here’s a couple resolutions some noteable people made recently to ensure Freedom for all in 2013.

1. President Barack Obama has made his own resolution of sorts by declaring January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the USA and he invited his fellow citizens to join the effort.

2. Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Andrew Forrest started a little early and in December he challenged the business community through his anti-slavery organisation, Walk Free, to sign a pledge which calls on global industry to combat slave labour in their supply chains.

These resolutions weren’t made up off the top of their heads in the midst of early morning hours celebrations. No, these were thought out resolutions that require resolve and collaboration to be fulfilled.

Do you have any resolutions?

As you think about this issue, are there any resolutions you could make for 2013 (stop eating non-fair trade chocolate, sign a pledge in support of fairtrade…)?

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  • Gavin Reeves

    And the rest of society, especially the part of our culture that has turned its collective back on the children of slavery, are we not partly responsible for those figures you quote? How many times have you gone looking into the poorer parts of town, looking for a young black male to hire for your establishment? How many times have you crowded in front of someone in a line or said something about ‘those people’? Look to yourself first to see if maybe your own actions contribute to the ‘disfunction’ about which you write, along with the rest of our modern society. As well should we all, instead of pointing fingers, say, What can I do to help?

  • Clint

    thanks for your thoughts. Did you read the article? We didn’t quote any figures as you suggest and I don’t think many of the readers of this site have gone into the poorer parts of town looking to hire a young black man for their establishment. Most readers are teens and early adults.

    I think this post and the two resolutions highlighted are challenging us as a people/culture to look at what we do and how we can do things differently to end slavery.

    We admit something is broken and we play a part in that.

    And I think the question about what others resolutions are and in particular our suggestions of ‘stop eating non-fair trade chocolate, sign a pledge in support of fairtrade’ are not pointing fingers but instead asking as you say ‘what can I do to help?’ Wouldn’t you agree?