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Praying a Creed

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Have you ever prayed a creed?

No, we’re not talking about praying song lyrics like ‘My Sacrifice’ or ‘With Arms Wide Open’ from that alternative rock band in the 90′s and early two thousands. We’re talking about praying through an early church creed.

“What’s a creed?” you ask. That’s a great question. Creeds are statements of faith that guide the beliefs of a religious community. As you can imagine, things were a little chaotic in the early years after Jesus rose from the dead, went to heaven and people started to believe in and follow the teaching of Jesus. The church grew in people and geographically. The apostles were killed and other leaders took over. Imagine how hard it was to ensure that all followers were being taught and thus believing and following the same truths.

The early church leaders (called ‘fathers’) gathered on separate occasions in the first few hundred years to hammer out creeds that clearly defined what they all agreed to be true about their faith in general or specific issues of the faith.

Out of this time some some significant creeds that have been used by the church over the millenia.

One such creed is the Chalcedonian Creed that resulted from the early church fathers meeting in 451 A.D.

This particular creed was needed in order to set things straight about what people were saying and believing about Jesus. Some thought he was only human, others thought he was only God. This creed affirms that Jesus was in fact fully human AND fully God at the same time.

Root your faith in something that’s lasted thousands of years and guided millions of Christians on their spiritual journey. Join with the saints and pray this prayer.

Here’s a few ways you can use this creed:
1. Print & Pray
- do individually, with other peers, with youth leaders, as a church body (download here)
2. Play & Pray
- like the above except playing the track below as background music
3. Incorporate into a prayer station for 24/7 prayer room or weekend prayer event

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