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Pray for Scotian Glen Staff ’12

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Please join us in praying for Scotian Glen staff this summer.

Kristie Burton, Thomas Marsh, Kayla George, Allan Rowe, Amy Parlee, Frances Martin, Brittany Pye, Linnea Dean, Lindsey Bartlett, Maggie Roy, Abby Nash, Hana Kernenbach, Haylee Kelly, Justen Gough, Daniel Shriver, Taylor Burton, Mitchell Cassie, Alex McNeilly, Ben McNeilly, Kyle McCaughan, Maryann Bulger, Amelia Rowe, Breasea Gabriel, Christina Johnston, Cody Russell, Sarah Bishop, Lorraine Langille, Barbara Cameron, Ida Hefferan, Jerome Hefferan, Wayne McLean, Donalda MacFarlane, Angela Taylor, Lorenne MacDonald, Kelsey MacDonald, Wanda Vincent – DYS

- camp staff as they grow in leadership and mentoring skills
- camp staff and their walk with God during and after camp
- the campers as we speak God’s truth into their lives
- safety of campers and camp staff

Prayer Card

Print this out, stick it on your fridge/bedroom wall, put it in the car, anywhere you’ll be reminded to pray for your peers and friends as they give of themselves on behalf of others over the Summer.

Leave a prayer comment below!

Keep an eye on Camp Staff page for applications for summer 2013!

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