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Pray for Lac L’Achigan Staff ’12

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Please join us in praying for Lac L’Achigan staff this summer!

Brendan Montone, Amanda Pucell, Connor Wright, Khanthong Phouttama, Thi-Sen Phan, Yvon Pierre Sauve Felteau, Rebekah Barr, Julie Moreau, Robyn Purcell, Valerie Plante, Alex Francoeur, Esther Plante, Olivier Dagenais, Nathaniel Moreau, Tim Mawango Mounanga, Sarah Eve Moreau, Corrine Bataille, Stephanie Fournier, Sonia Champagne, Sara Ferland, Krystel Lefevre, Lance Verville, Gabriel Perusse, Mathieu DesRoberts, Brian Ouellet, Guillaume Deziel-Gervais, Betshal Managawa, Lester Shepherd, Anne Sophie Audet, Louis Longprès, Curtis LaPlante & Rachele Lamont – DYS

- camp staff as they grow in leadership and mentoring skills
- camp staff and their walk with God during and after camp
- the campers as we speak God’s truth into their lives
- safety of campers and camp staff

Prayer Card – FREN

Print this out, stick it on your fridge/bedroom wall, put it in the car, anywhere you’ll be reminded to pray for your peers and friends as they give of themselves on behalf of others over the Summer.

Leave a prayer comment below!

Keep an eye on Camp Staff page for applications for summer 2013!

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