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New Love: Vulnerable

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New LoveThis week we continue on in conversation about the book ‘New Love’ that wrestles around with the idea of holy living (or living like Jesus). It’s a book that Canadian delegates attending The Salvation Army World Youth Convention – Raised Up – in Sweden July 15-18, 2010 are reading pre-trip.

Not going? That doesn’t matter! Read along with us online here and join in the conversation below.

This week’s conversation is based around the topic of vulnerability. Here are some questions to drive conversation based upon this week’s reading.

  1. What things struck a chord with you when you were reading? Why did it stand out? What did it make you think and feel?
  2. If you were to guess, what do you think are some of the causes for the ‘damaging numerical losses’ of members that is referred to in this section?
  3. How would you describe the identity and mission of The Salvation Army?
  4. What other statements do you agree with or disagree with in this section and why?

Please take a minute away from facebook to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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