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New Love: Visibility

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New LoveThis week we continue on in conversation about the book ‘New Love’ that wrestles around with the idea of holy living (or living like Jesus). It’s a book that Canadian delegates attending The Salvation Army World Youth Convention – Raised Up – in Sweden July 15-18, 2010 are reading pre-trip.

Not going? That doesn’t matter! Read along with us online here and join in the conversation below.

This week’s conversation is based around the topic of visibility. Here are some questions to drive conversation based upon this week’s reading.

  1. What things struck a chord with you when you were reading? Why did it stand out? What did it make you think and feel?
  2. If you have a Salvation Army uniform and wear it, why do YOU do so?
  3. What are some other reasons why Salvationists you know wear the uniform?
  4. How else do you think your holiness (being like Jesus) should be visible?
  5. Imagine you are “The Fairy Godmother” and could design a new uniform in 2010 for The Salvation Army across the world to do what we do, what would it look like? Would there be one uniform or multiple?

Tear yourself away from your thoughts about Twilight Eclipse this week to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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  • Oh my, tearing myself away from Eclipse was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do – NOT!
    Don’t even know if I’d watch it if you paid me, though, make an offer high enough and I might!

    Anyways, New Love…uniforms, LOVE IT.

    The General says that uniforms aren’t mandatory. Soilders have a choice…fair enough…but I’d love to see the day when they ARE mandatory. I think the uniform is great. It’s an external sign of inward grace. Uniform wearing is often my rebuttle to salvationists who wish to do baptisms – wearing our uniforms, really is like wearing our baptism.

    To be honest, I don’t wear uniform enough. Thinking back over the past year, I wore the uniform mostly whilst on Kettles, a couple times during an open air, and a handful of times for ‘important’ events. I sport unofficial uniform all the time though (epaulets on sweaters, wearing the tunic with jeans, one of those nifty saved to save uni-tees), but I should probably wear full uniform more then I do, especially when I say I think they SHOULD be mandatory.

    So, when I wear uniform, I wear it to be noticed really. Not because I, Nicole, want to be noticed, but because I’m doing something in which Christ and TSA should be noticed (open airs are probably the best example, or kettles). And here’s were one may argue that Christ, mostly, and then TSA should be noticed always, and therefore always wear uniform – can’t really argue with that.

    I do know far too many people who wear the uniform only at a holiness meeting (I think this may be the LAST place we should wear uniforms, especially if it is the only time we are wearing it.), to play in the band or sing in the songsters…drives me nuts. The uniform is meant as a witness, wearing uniform to a holiness meeting doesn’t make as much sense to me as wearing it to a salvation meeting. But hey, if you’re never wearing it, I suppose mustering it up on a Sunday morning is better then never.

    Fairy God Mother? Really?! haha
    Here’s the deal – the uniform we have now, great for businessy type witnessing. I don’t think we should get rid of it. In fact, I think we should bring back the high collar!
    but i do, really do, think we should get a second uniform, one more casual, perhaps then soliders would wear it more?
    You know what, the skirt, i can handle. The shoes, not the end of the world. Even the pantyhose don’t bother me that much – it’s the broach pin that i can’t stand :)..,,,so what would I suggest, perhaps dark denim jeans, and a Peter Lublink original uni-tee. And since apparently I’m the Fairy God Mother, and I can make any uniform, why not throw in a tattoo while we’re at it. TSA Crest, full color, on your right arm!

    God Bless The General.
    God Bless The Salvation Army.
    God Bless The World Youth Convention.
    See you all in about a week!

    Holy Founders Day!

  • Stephanie

    Visibility is cool. Kind of like when you’re wearing an 8 inch shield on the back of your jacket as you prayer walk around the neighbourhood.
    But the pencil-skirt/white blouse/business style outfit is a real killer when you get tackled by enthusiastic 9 year old boys whenever they see you. Also makes it hard to climb monkeybars, paint banners, carry stacks of chairs, pick up litter and walk along muddy paths on your way somewhere without spectacularly ruining a $200+ outfit. (or maybe I’m just a slob…)
    So, seconding the more casual stuff, I reckon black cargo pants with extra pockets (and maybe reinforced knees) would work well :)

    Also, I like the shield, but I feel the crest has untapped potential for usage on casual wear.