NEW Group Talks Added!

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Teens TextingDo you like to get together and talk with your friends? NOT like the picture above though. That’s not even talking but we won’t get into that right now because it’s another conversation for some other time. Wanna talk about some deeper stuff than the # of kills you made in C.O.D or what drama unfolded last weekend at somebody’s house involving ‘you know who’ from school?

We’ve got some great stuff to spark soul shaping conversation in you and your friends! Check out our recent addition of 4 weeks each on the topics of Community and Identity.

These topics explore questions like:
How does the bible define true community and describe how it functions?
How do community members interact with each other?
What shapes our identity?
As a Christian, where do you find your identity?
How does that impact you?

Share this link with your cell or small group leader. If you don’t have one but wish you could have a small group to connect with, START ONE! Ask a friend or two if they want to get together weekly to chill and chat about deeper life stuff that connects with their soul. Who knows what God might do! We’re totally cheering you on!


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