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Musicians Speak Up

by in Community, Features

Billy Talent, Matte Babel, Rick Campanelli, Christine Evans and Simple Plan all raise their voices and share encouragement with you about connecting with Kids Help Phone.

Do you feel like you don’t fit in? Are there pressures at home? Do you harm yourself?

We realize that you may not have any adults in your world you can talk with to share your struggles and pain. While we seek to facilitate the space as a place of acceptance and belonging for you and make ourselves available via MSN & Facebook to chat, we realize you may need more contact, support and counseling. Thus, we’ve highlited Kids Help Phone’s services.

We also, we believe that there’s hope, healing and fulfilling life found in knowing and following Jesus the God man. We know that because we’ve known that to be true in our own lives and we’ve walked through many of these tough times and struggles ourselves.

We’re here for you, cheering you and being a listening ear if you need us.

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