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FREE Modern Warfare Desktop

Our Modern Warfare promo stuff is done and it’s sick! Modern Warfare is the winning theme you voted for on STF as the theme for 2011 Youth Together events across Canada. If you want to make sure it’s used for your area, fire off a text mssg or email to let your local or divisional youth worker know.

If you’re a regional youth worker, you can download the whole graphics package (ppt, posters, t-shirt graphic) on the Regional Youth Worker page. If you forget the super secret code, let us know.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops dropped in November and it’s launch day sales of $360 million dollars shattered the previous record for launch day sales which was set by it’s predecessor – Modern Warfare 2! Warfare is huge right now in the gaming industry. With this theme we’ll be exploring the spiritual war that’s at play all around us. This however, ain’t no game! We’ll play out angels, demons, how to defend yourself and how to go on the attack!

Seriously, we do. And just to show it to you, here’s a FREE desktop for you to adorn your computer with! Download it, share it, brag about it – most of all plan to be at your Youth Together event in 2011. Don’t know when that is? Watch the Events Calendar [1] on SendTheFire.ca for details.

Peace & Love,
Clint and the SendTheFire.ca team

PS – let us know what you think of the graphics

FREE DESKTOP – download HERE [2]