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Missionaries Wanted – Free Training

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Train to become a missionary (a.k.a ‘youth worker’) in our North American youth culture.

Join our church plant community as you spend 10 months living, working and playing amongst young people you’ve been called to be a missionary to. You already know your heat and passion is to work with youth. Let us come alongside you to take your passion, personality and spiritual gifts and form that calling in you and shape you to be an incredible cross cultural missionary to youth.

When: Yearly; Sept – June
Where: Vernon, BC Canada (map here)
Cost: Free 1
Pay: Gold 2

LEARN the rhythms of prayer, play, service, study, worship and relationship through intentional teaching and practice.
LIVE in community with a couple of others in our ministry house. Attached to the house is a 24/7 accessible prayer room that you’ll get acquainted with.
LEAD by example and run with events and initiatives that tie into the vision and mission of our local church community.

Vernon has skate parks, sports fields, local ski hill (Silverstar), arenas and swimming lakes for you to enjoy as you live out being a missionary youth worker and journey through life and faith with young people.

Close by the ministry house where you’ll live is our two mission hubs – the Foodbank and Talkin Donkey.

The Talkin Donkey (website AND facebook page) is our primary mission hub to connect and engage with youth culture. It’s a non-profit, fair trade, justice focused coffee shop that we run. Here is where you will spend a lot of time with those you’re connecting with and may possibly work here part-time too.

This is what you’ve been created for! What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity and live the adventure!

Clint Houlbrook
Email: Clint [at]

Send an email stating your interest and including your contact info for us to begin the conversation.

1 you’ll need to cover your portion of house utilities & food
2 rewards in heaven

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