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Miley Cyrus Pole Dances

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Yes, that’s Miley and a stripper pole…

If you weren’t tuned in, you might not know that cute little Hannah Montana – 16 year old Miley Cyrus – raised some eyebrows at this year’s Teen Choice Awards on Monday by using a stripper pole in her performance.

Dressed in a pair of skimpy shorts and flanked by some scantily-clad dancers she belted out her new single Party in the USA.

Miley’s a huge hit with her fans as proven by the six ‘awards’ (actually they were surf boards!) she took home. They voted, she won… that’s how it works.

What’s your vote? Here’s a couple questions this performance and awards show brings to mind…

- What do you think about Miley and her back up dancers dressing like they are?
- Why are the guys dressed differently than the girls?
- What’s her performance say about sexuality? girls? guys? teens? and is this a good or bad thing?
- What do you think God has to say about our sexuality? What does the bible have to say?
- Guys, what are you thinking when you view her video/performance?
- Girls, what are you thinking when you view her video/performance?
- What does this video say about stripping and the stripper pole? Is that ‘right’?
- What’s the message given by the lyrics of her song? What do you think about the lyrics?
- Should 16 year old’s be dressing and acting like this?
- Is Miley a good role model for young people?
- Are you a Miley fan?

Tell us what you think below! Also, what are your friends saying about it?
if video gets taken down, go to Youtube and search ‘Miley Teen Choice Awards’

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  • Megan Smith

    When I see this video I think ’she looks uncomfortable!’
    It’s sad but true that I’ve noticed a pattern in pop music culture over my life: there always seem to be two dominating, competing female artists. When I was young it was Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Then it was Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. Now it seems to be Miley Cirus/Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. Unfortunately the trend also seems to be that one goes far down hill and the other adjusts to normal life (Notice how Christina and Hilary have all but disappeared from the tabloids while Britney and Lindsay are plagued with naked photos and rehab stories). So the question I ask is Does it come down to competition?
    And no, 16 year olds should not be dressing like this. No woman should be.

  • Megan Smith

    P.S. I say she looks uncomfortable because notice how she doesn’t even dance with the pole. She mostly just stands there. Did someone put her up to it? Probably. Another reason to think its about competition. Sad.

  • Emily

    Everything is exactly the same in this buisness that it always has been: our entertainers have to be jaw-dropping gorgeous or they have to wear clothes that can barely pass for under-garments to get peoples attention. It’s sad, but true.

    Her preformance says some pretty crappy things about teens. It says that as teenage girls we need to wear shorts that could be a freakin belt and revealing shirts that are only worn to grab the attention of guys. And all it says about guys is that the only thing they look for a girl is their bodies. So basically what this preformance is saying as teens we are a bunch of shallow, immature kids that only think about the opposite sex. And if that is what our generation has come to, I don’t want to be any part of it.

    I think the song sucks, but that’s just me.

    ummm no I dont think any female should be dressing or acting like this, unless you have no dignity and you don’t care if people respect you. And especially a girl of her position. Unfortunately, i bet a lot of little girls look up to Miley Cyrus, and obviously as everyone can see, she not being the best example that she could be. . .A STRIPPER POLE!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yeah, i’ve seen girls younger than 16 dress worse than Miley has, and thats the problem. As we move along in this world, we keep on excepting things that were really never right in the first place. And little by little, we are just driving our future generations into a deeper ditch, which will eventually will get harder and harder to dig out of. So we have to do something now, we have got to change before it’s too late.

  • Clint

    Megan & Emily!

    Thanks for the comments and observations!

    Megan – you might be onto something there with the competition line of thought. I wonder what part growing up and success play in it. For eg. Notice how Avril has changed. from tough skater girl to a more ’sexy’ look. Is it about her just growing up and exploring her female sexuality (as defined by pop culture) or is it about her needing to change things up to stay on top and ’succeed’?

    Emily – I think you’re right about how things change slowly. Attitude changes happen slowly. How can we play a part in combating this? How responsible are we with our own purchasing habits (clothing, makeup, movies & cd/.mp3 purchases)? Should girls like yourself refuse to buy & wear certain clothes? Not buy certain artists music? Doesn’t that send a message? I wonder if it’s easy to say something must be done but then when it comes to taking action, we aren’t willing to make the choices? What do you think?

  • Emily

    We can stop them before its to hectic to control. Now, in some cases, it’s hard for someone to take that responsibility by themselves :p

    But as Christians, the lights of the World, we can be an example to everyone and show people that you don’t need to wear revealing clothes to be beautiful. And you don’t need to wear pounds of makeup to stand out in the crowd. Everyone used to say it’s the inside that counts, but most people today think its the other way around or that the outside outways the inside by a lot. And I get that, I can see how that would make sense. But it’s not true!

    We gotta fight with LOVE! And show these generations that we care more about the people inside and not so much about the appearance. I believe physical apperance is important in some cases, but never ahead of the personality of the person inside.

    As young people in this World it’s hard sometimes to be set apart from our friends, and we don’t resist when comes to buying that top, or those shorts. But if we take on this issue together, it’ll be easier for us to say no, to those certain things that we shouldnt buy.

    Now music. . .I think that is a whole different thing all together. People have different perspectives of what songs and artists are appropriate. Me personally, I try to stay away from swear words in songs. If the song swears i either get the clean version or i don’t put it on my i-pod at all. And im not trying to be little Miss perfect here, i mess up sometimes when it comes to what i listen to, and i need to work on it.

    Yes, I believe what we do all the time as Christians sends a HUGE message. I think that when we tell people we are Christians, they watch us even more closely, to watch us mess up. And maybe im a little paranoid, but i know people at my school and even some of my non-Christian friends that are like that.

    It depends how deep you are i guess. If all you do is listen to inappropriate songs and all of your clothes are revealing, the change will be more drastic and more difficult. And some of us won’t want to change, because we think what we do isn’t all that bad.