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Merry Christmas 2010!

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Hopefully your Christmas day was GREAT and you enjoyed the gift of family and friends. On top of that you probably opened a present or two. Let me tell you about another gift for you for Christmas 2010 that wasn’t under your tree but is there for you to open and use during 2011.

If you struggle with feelings of sorrow and pain and are cutting (perhaps due to a messed up home life or the death of a friend) – God offers you the gift of PEACE & COMFORT

If you are overcome with feelings of despair and hopelessness and have considered suicide – God offers you the gift of HOPE

If you are filled with hurt, hate and resentment because your folks divorced or you were a victim of sexual, emotional or physical abuse – God offers you the gift of FORGIVENESS, LOVE (for them and yourself) & PEACE

If you experience sadness for long periods and have encountered depression – God offers you JOY

If you experience physical pain because of disease or sickness – God offers you the gift of HEALING, PEACE & COMFORT

If you are occasionally gripped with fear and anxiousness and have had panic attacks – God offers you the gift of PEACE

If you experience pleasure by way of reckless behaviours like partying, doing drugs and viewing porn and are addicted (meaning you couldn’t stop doing it right now) – God offers you FREEDOM

If you long to fit in at school, have low self-esteem and thus battle an eating disorder – God offers you the gift of BEAUTY, ACCEPTANCE & BELONGING

If you are looking for love and find it in being sexually active – God offers you the gift of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE with no sexual expectations

God also offers you the gift of:
- showering you with goodness beyond that which you deserve (a.k.a – GRACE)
- forgiveness when you mess up instead of giving you the punishment you deserve (a.k.a – MERCY).

Those are some sweet gifts to unwrap! Our prayer is that if you haven’t already unwrapped these gifts you would do so this year. Find a Christian you know, trust and think is the real deal and ask them to help you open the gift God gives through Christ.

If you don’t know any real deal Christians you can trust, give me (Clint) or any other of our team and we’ll help you out!

God bless you,

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