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Live Life – 10 Reasons

by in Action, Features

Have you heard about our new GLOBAL campaign called Live Life? This is a journey towards Easter, following the timeline of Lent, but it goes way beyond a traditional Bible study. Here are 10 reasons why you should join the journey to Live Life, kicking off February 13.

1. Share with Global Peers- Have you ever wondered how your peers around the global perceive a full life? With the innovative Live Life Online sharing you will be able to share how you take on each challenge and find out how others around the world take on the same challenge. Chances are you will see some differences, but also some similarities, in these shared perspectives of life.

2. Learn AND Act- Live Life asks you to learn about the life of Jesus and then act on what you’ve learned. There are carefully tailored activities that help you to think about scriptures and turn them into interactive experiences that can help you live your life to its fullest.

3. Gain a new understanding of Easter Traditions- Easter is celebrated in various ways throughout our world. Have you ever participated in a Pancake Race like those that take place in the United Kingdom? Or have you made a paper doll with seven legs to countdown to Easter like children in Greece? Maybe you’ve attended one of the many Carnival celebrations? Each of these traditions holds significance for a culture about the life and death of Jesus. Live Life explores how traditions play an important part of a journey toward Easter.

4. Try New Cuisine- The 40 days before Easter, known as Lent, are rich with culinary traditions. It turns out people have loved eating together for a long time! From Pancake Parties on Shrove Tuesday to Hot Cross Buns during Holy Week, you will have opportunities to expand your global recipe collection.

5. Journey with a Small Group- Each weekly challenge gives you plenty to discuss and dream about with a small group. By journeying through these challenges with others you’ll get a more holistic and fun understanding of a full life. Plus, a small group means a community to try those new recipes with and have people to hold you accountable.

6. #LiveLife – Get ready, we’re about to take over social media. We are a technologically connected world, so let’s use that to share our how we’re experiencing life to its fullest. Live Life will be on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Join in the global conversations with the hashtag #livelife .

7. Watch Sweet videos – Do we need to say more? Well, we will. We’ve teamed up with creative folks to provide thought-provoking videos relating to particular weeks’ challenges. You don’t want to miss these.

8. Join A Global Effort to Set the World Right- We are each a piece to a larger puzzle. When we take steps to strengthen our own local communities we are taking part in setting the world right. Likewise, when share about taking steps to strengthen our communities, we are encouraging others to strengthen their communities right too. The weekly challenges of Live Life are a way to share about your communities with other global youth.

9. Press Pause Your Current Life Perspective- This journey is about hitting the pause button on your current perspective of life, God, and those around you. How can you experience life to its fullest within the context of the life you are living now? Take time to be open to new ideas and ways of approaching scripture; this will allow you to better experience a fuller life when you’ve completed the challenges.

10. Revive Your Life- This journey to Easter will help you revive how you are experiencing life. But it doesn’t just stop at Easter- with Live Life you’ll have opportunities to make plans and goals for experiencing life to its fullest after March 31.

Are you convinced now? We thought so.

Join the journey of Live Life NOW at

We’ll start together as a global community on Feb 13. You don’t want to miss this!

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