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Labour Trafficking – 10 Things

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Human trafficking primarily targets people for cheap labour OR sex purposes. We’ve covered the sex purposes side of trafficking a fair amount here on We came across information recently from World Vision that we thought would be great to share with you. Here it is:

In honour of World Day Against Child Labour on June 12th, World Vision colleagues from the Asia region released a report on “10 things you need to know about labour trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region”.

  1. Men are trafficked onto fishing boats and held as prisoners.
  2. ‘Legal’ recruitment agencies can be cooperative in trafficking.
  3. Human trafficking is a concealed crime making victims difficult to identify.
  4. ’3D’ jobs—dirty, dangerous and demeaning—fuel demand for trafficked labour.
  5. Vulnerable domestic workers are exploited in private homes.
  6. Some factories hold workers against their will with no pay.
  7. Some labour trafficking victims are exploited on their home soil.
  8. Trafficking is a dynamic crime; brokers are flexible and inventive.
  9. Trafficked men are less likely to receive assistance and care.
  10. You can help stop labour trafficking.

The publication goes on to feature more than 30 accounts from women, men and children who have been trafficked for labour exploitation and survived to tell their stories. Read highlights of the report – HERE – and find out what you can do to help put a stop to labour trafficking.

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