Know Your Camp #3

by in Action, Sliding Gallery

Are you planning to work at camp this year? We’ll soon have all the camp staff apps available HERE if you’re interested!

This week we’re taking a look at Jackson’s Point Camps in Ontario. The camp site at Jackson’s Point was purchased by The Salvation Army in 1917, but further research indicates the camp officially opened in 1916, and that summer camps were run there for several years before that. That means JPC is due for a 100 year anniversary!

Currently, Jackson’s Point runs the children’s adventure camps (age 6-10), plus day camp, and a bunch of sports and music camps. Adventure camp for older kids and teens is held up at Newport – on the shores of Skeleton Lake. Have you been on the camp staff at Jackson’s Point? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! For now, here’s a word from Shelby (Cabin Leader at Blaze Adventure Camp):

“If you want a summer filled with fun, love and God apply to Jackson’s Point Salvation Army camp! So much fun – I have spent the last two summers here and I can’t imagine a better place to connect with God and teach kids about Him! Can’t wait! Summer 2016 will be a great one!”

And from the guys at Ontario Camping:

We want to invite you to consider making Summer2016 a summer of challenge, growth and influence.  Discover your purpose and potential as you serve and influence the lives of children and youth from across Ontario!

The ministries of Ontario Camping are inviting you to:

  • Know God – learn to trust Him as you grow in a deeper relationship with God
  • Know Yourself as you develop your gifts and abilities through serving others.
  • Know Your Mission – As The Salvation Army we serve children and youth to restore dignity and hope in their lives.

If you want to learn more about Jackson’s Point Camps, or to apply to work at camp, check out their website:



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