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Justice League – Fightin’ Friday

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January 29, 2010

Homeless Person
January Focus on Homelessness

This Friday is the last prayer post for our February focus on homelessness. Join with friends this Friday, over Facebook, the phone, at Tim’s, on the prayer wall, however and wherever to pray for the homeless and into the issue of homelessness.

Please pray:

  • there is reduction in the problems that cause people to become homeless eg. Abusive homes, family break-up, crime, additions.
  • for the health and safety of those sleeping on the streets or in shelters.
  • freedom from addiction to drugs (20%) and/or alcohol (50%) or mental health problems (over 50%).
  • for more suitable and affordable housing to be available for those coming off the streets.
  • that organizations working with people on the streets would help them to make the transition back into society. Also that church groups and voluntary organizations who help working with the homeless would be well resourced, staffed and effective.
  • that there will be hope for those who are vulnerable to being homeless (just making rent each week).
  • for people and families living in shelters or sleeping on the streets that they will “see” examples of Christ loving and caring for them as people reach out to them and that they will also find restoration and salvation.


  • James 2:1- 9
  • Mathew 25:31- 40
  • Hebrews 13:1- 3
  • Isaiah 61:1- 3

See January’s full justice post with all the details here

Drop by next Friday for another post with prayer focuses for a new justice issue.

This post was submitted by Zoe Fay .

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