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Justice League – Fightin’ Friday

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April 30, 2010

Environment-Clouds & GrassApril Focus on Environment
The oil giant BP, the fourth largest company in the world is responsible for perhaps one of the worst oil spills in history if the oil flow from an oil well known as “Deepwater Horizon” sprung a leak in the Gulf of Mexico is not stopped soon. But stopping the leak could take months.

Tens of thousands of litres of oil a day have been gushing into the sea since an oil rig exploded and sank off the coast of Louisiana this month (April 2010). Eleven workers are missing and feared dead. No one knows the cause of the disaster. Workers on a nearby oil platform were evacuated after the oil slick came dangerously close.

Environmental experts are concerned about the effects of the oil slick on local wildlife. The oil spill now covers a whopping 74,100 sq km, and has spread within 32km of the coast of Louisiana. If large quantities of crude oil drift into Louisiana’s marshy wetlands, mopping it up would be almost impossible. It would be disastrous for natural parks full of rare wildlife.

Greenpeace have responded to the oil spill saying “The giant oil slick from last week’s
deadly offshore drilling rig explosion in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico threatens wide-scale coastal damage for four states including the environment, commercial fisheries, wildlife and tourism.”

It’s interesting that just last week we celebrated Earth Day and what’s even more interesting is that reaction to the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969 was the catalyst that started Earth Day. Here we are 40 years later and we are still dealing with oil drilling operations that are dangerous to the environment.

What are the effects of oil leaks to wildlife and environment?

  • marine mammals lose body weight when they can not feed due to contamination of their environment by oil
  • damage to the insides of animals and birds bodies, for example by causing ulcers
  • birds sink or drown because oiled feathers weigh more and their oiled up feathers cannot trap enough air between them to keep them afloat
  • poisoning of wildlife higher up the food chain if they eat large amounts of other organisms that have taken oil into their tissues

Follow the Greenpeace blog about this oil spill.

God we pray for the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. For the 11 workers who have not been found, God we pray that they may be safe and found alive. God be with their families and give them comfort, let there be a great amount of community and caring for them.

God we pray that the company BP would act with great urgency and do what is needed to slow the flow of oil being pumped into the water.

Be with environmental groups like Greenpeace who seek to protect and look after the earth. Give them all the resources that they need to care for the environment.

God be with your creation, help us to know, pray and act to look after the environment and wildlife.

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