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Jesus Manifesto Retreat Happenings

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The Maritime Division recently held their first annual College and Careers retreat in Truro, NS, with nearly 30 young adults from across the three provinces. The theme for the weekend was “Jesus Manifesto – restoring the supremacy of Christ in your life and culture”. Speakers Keith and Shona Pike challenged these young adults to make Christ the centre of everything in their lives. The final message gave them a particularly powerful image of walking so close to Christ, they are daily “covered in the dust of their Rabbi’s feet”.

Here is what one young adult, who attended the event had to say:

After just coming from the Passion conference where I was blessed to gather with 60,000 other believers my age, I was blown away at College and Careers as God showed me His “sameness” and His faithfulness… It just amazed me that, in terms of transformation, College and Careers may have been more significant for me and my life. God doesn’t need a crowd of 60,000 to move in power – that’s for sure :)

The retreat was so personal and wonderful and I’m so thankful! Times with my small group were super beneficial in terms of getting to know others more intimately and also really digging into and working through the messages we’d received from Keith and Shona. The whole theme and focus on restoring the supremacy of Jesus has had a huge impact on me… I am seeing it from day-to-day… I often think about it, I often ask myself “is Jesus supreme in this moment?”… Growing up and hearing people talk about “making Jesus the center of our lives”, I never really understood how that was possible. As a kid I considered Jesus separate from my school and my sports and my friends, etc. I haven’t thought that way in a long time, but Jesus Manifesto was huge for me in terms of giving me the tools and setting me on the path to really making Jesus the center of my whole life. The teaching on Sunday morning was also incredible! I’ve shared it with several people since. The concept of walking so closely with Jesus that you’re covered in his dust, again, has had a huge impact on me!

If you were on the weekend, please share your thoughts on the weekend with the rest of our territory for our encouragement.

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  • Mafuka Samson

    Its wonderful to here what god had performed in our diffrent lives ,i just want to say viva Jehova.