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Love Story – the Trailer

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I’m sure we all loved story time as a kid. In fact, we live in a story culture. Think about it.

We pay to eat popcorn and pop while we watch a story with our date. Most of us can watch stories (either short T.V. shows or rented movies) on our big screen flat panel T.V’s in surround sound. Our fave bands play more that music. They are all actors of sorts who star in short stories that we call music videos. In fact, songs themselves are stories. Have you seen Taylor Swift’s video for Love Story? Can you say, “Awwwww.”

Books are also stories. You probably know this already though because we bet you’ve probably read Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter or Twilight. Maybe you’re aware of another book that’s ancient and filled with multiple sub-stories – it’s the bible. The bible is is God’s story is an amazing story filled with action, adventure, murder, drunkeness, losing everything, finding purpose, love, hope, fear and peace. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into Comedy, Action, Adventure, Horror or Drama; they’re all in the bible for your engagement pleasure. Primarily though we’d have to categorize it as a love story (and it’ll capture your heart!).

In today’s day and age, storytelling gets wired and goes digital. We’ve created a mash-up of sorts by taking God’s story and mixing it with music so it’s storytelling with beats and a message that moves and shapes your soul.

Check out this .mp3 below. It’s an audio trailer for God’s big story – an overview of the bible.

It’s a love story… just say yes!

Words: Summarized from the Bible (God’s Word)
Muzik: Alove UK
Speaker: Clint Houlbrook
download here


  1. As you listened to this Story, what did you picture in your mind?
  2. What did this summary help you notice for the first time about God’s Story?
  3. How do you think looking at God’s entire story at once is helpful?
  4. How does this story continue right now? How are we a part of it?
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