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Gifts of Hope 2013

by in Action, Sliding Gallery

It’s better to give AND receive!

This year give AND receive a gift via the Gifts of Hope program and you’re guaranteed to make a huge and lasting difference in the lives of some of the most overlooked and marginalized people in the developing world!
Each Gifts of Hope item has been carefully chosen to compliment the ongoing work of The Salvation Army in more than 120 countries.

Instead of buying your mom another sweet kitchen gadget from the centre aisle ‘shops’ in the mall during this season, buy “her” a chicken. Same goes for dad. Skip the tool from Canadian Tire and grab “him” a pig! They’ll get a nice gift card at Christmas that says what you bought them and the gifts get given to a family in need in Africa!

If not giving them something to open for themselves is too big of a stretch, how about downsizing the gift to them so you can ALSO but them a Gift of Hope… it’s a win-win!

The same works for gift receiving. Put a mosquito net, children’s education or a goat on YOUR Christmas list this year and if you get that gift, it’ll go to a needy person or family in a developing country around the world.

Think about it. Do you REALLY need an Xbox One or a new top from American Eagle? The answer is no in case you were wondering. You want it but don’t need it. Let’s try to learn how to live from a place of need more than a place of want and show some love to others around the world and our planet itself.

BTW – the idea is to have this gift REPLACE some other item you would have bought for someone else or asked for yourself. It’s not to buy more stuff, it’s to give up acquiring and consuming so much stuff.

Don’t you think that’s more like the spirit of Christmas? Let’s try living more simply so we can simply live.

Let’s be counter-cultural… who’s with us?

1. Check out Gifts of Hope stuff & add some items to your wish list
2. Buy a gift for your gf, bf, bff, family member or secret santa
3. Promote it at your youth group / school
4. Raise $ as a youth group or with friends and buy as many gifts as possible (this can be easier than committing to a sponsor child which requires regular monthly payments)


  1. Online
  2. Call #1-800-SAL-ARMY & quote ‘Gifts Of Hope’
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