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FREEBIE Day 3 – Secret Survivor

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Secret SurvivorsDAY 3 FREEBIE
Today’s gift is a great book called – Secret Survivors!

Read the compelling and true real life stories of people who have lived secret pain in their lives and have found healing, hope and have become overcomers. They’ve dealt with issues like:

  • Date rape
  • Physical abuse
  • Cutting
  • Pornography addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Incest
  • Drug & Alcohol addiction
  • Abortion

As an added bonus freebie for EVERYONE, download your own copy of ‘God, Where Were You?‘ and ‘Writing Your Own Survivor Story‘.

Wow, we gave away a Next Generation New Testament audio bible, Freeset bag and now a book. What will it be tomorrow and Friday? Stay tuned…

Tag yourself, like, comment or share this post (here or on our facebook page) by midnight and we’ll pick a winner at random from those who participated. *NOTE – as usual, only open to 13-25 yr olds

Just remember, as cool and great as these gifts are, the sickest gift of all is the gift of faith from God that includes the sacrificing of His own son Jesus that we might live the fully human life that we were created to and can spend eternity in heaven.

Just make sure you don’t miss out on that gift. There’s nothing you’ve gotta do to score that one but believe in Christ and accept the gift.

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  • Porn Addiction Survivor

    Although it hurt me greatly because it destroyed our 12 year marriage, my ex-husband silently suffered for years as a porn addict. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge I’m still the only one that knows this.