Your Burning Q’s

Burning QuestionsIn life there are many questions. Should I get a Playstation or Xbox, why do we have to go to school anyhow, will every female pop star get sexed up after their first couple albums to continue to stay on the charts, should I go to Wendy’s or McD’s, which Marvel comic character will they make a movie of next, should I join volleyball or basketball team?

Then there are the deeper questions of life that burn within us.
These questions centre on things like our identity: who am I, why am I here on earth, what is my purpose? Have you ever asked any of these questions or are you wrestling around with them now? This wrestling can lead to faith questions about God, Jesus, the bible and living out your faith.

Questions like:

  • Is God real?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Did Jesus really die?
  • Did Jesus really come back to life again?
  • How do we know the bible’s legit?
  • Are there zombies in the bible?
  • How does God want me to live my life?
  • What’s God’s view on sex?
  • Are there really such things as ghosts?
  • Are tattoos bad?

Maybe you’ve got these questions swirling around in your bean and weighing on your heart with no place to ask them. This is where STF comes to your rescue! We tackle your burning questions by sharing them on-line and engaging the rest of the STF community in wrestling your question around a bit. You’ll probably be surprised to discover that you’re not the only one wrestling through your question.

1. ASK – Email us your Burning Question(s)
2. POST – We’ll post Burning Questions that one of you emails us.
3. SHARE – We talk about the question and share our comments, thoughts and insights with one another.
Don’t worry, we don’t say who the question is from if you don’t want us to so you won’t be embarrassed.

- the question you submit is a legit question you’re wrestling with not just you trying to be goofy
- we respect one another’s views

Remember, you’re not alone, we’ve all got Burning Questions and no question is a stupid question.

Fire away – send us 2 or 3 of your questions now!

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