Oxygen is the life breath that when added to a fire feeds it to keep it alive and pushes it to gain strength and grow.

It’s about spiritual formation and exploring the ways we’re formed spiritually. It’s also about us assisting the spiritual formation of others we are connected to and are around us.

This spiritual formation then is meant to feed the fire burning within us, push us to gain strength and grow.

So when we say oxygen, we’ll be talking about:

  • assessing how our minds, attitudes, actions, words and spirits are being formed and how to respond accordingly.
  • finding out about all the ways God wants to breathe life into us and form us by His Holy Spirit.
  • being a person who takes responsibility for themselves and their own spiritual formation and actually steps out and engages God in the process.


Oxygen can make or break the fire. It’s 1 of the 3 required elements for fire. The fire’s only as good as it’s ability to breathe (consume oxygen).

The only thing worse than limited oxygen is no oxygen. Eliminate the oxygen (life breath) and your fire will suffocate and starve for oxygen and will soon die out, it’s that simple.

Try This:

Get a tealight or other small candle and a glass bowl, cup or object to place over the light. Turn out the lights. Light the candle and place the object, bowl or cup upside down over the light to cover it. Watch … wait … what happens?

We don’t want you to get snuffed out like the candle. We want to ensure that you’re not stuck gasping for air and suffocating spiritually because nobody has ever bothered to help you connect to the breath of life. We want you to live life to it’s fullest. This means walking out your destiny, the one God planned for you from the beginning of time. We also want to help you strengthen your spiritual muscles so you can pass it on and train others in this area of spiritual formation.


The ‘Oxygen’ section of will be the primary place where the content will all explore this topic of spiritual formation.

We will explore things like: What is spiritual formation? Why should I care about being formed spiritually? How does spiritual formation affect my mind, attitude, heart and actions? What are ways I can strengthen and form my spirit (individual/corporate, internal/external)?

The STF site will look at different spiritual formation experiences, techniques and disciplines. For each discipline we’ll look at the history behind it, the faith reasons for doing so and suggestions for how you can give it a shot yourself. As we learn and grow and try out these experiences, we hope people will share them with others in the community of STF. This might mean trying the ‘Jesus Prayer’ for a week and then recapping how that experience went. You could recap it by writing an article/journaling about the experience for STF or verbally sharing it via a short video clip on Youtube. You could even video (or take photo) of you ‘practicing’ the discipline and share it with us. We will even interview some of you for sharing through the STF podcast.

These are but a few ways that we hope to guide you in your spiritual formation journey and help ground and strengthen you.

Ultimately, as this thing called STF burns and grows, we’re ensuring we have well grounded, spiritually solid people like you to add to the fire to bring intensity and life!

Need oxygen // Get oxygen // Be oxygen

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