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Follow The Leader – Ep#3 Pray Lots

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In Episode #3 of Follow The Leader Tim talks about an example of tough challenges in the lives of kids who come to camp and shares some of his own struggles this week!

Got questions based on what Tim shared? Leave a comment and he’ll try to respond to ya!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a camp staffer? What’s it like to live in community? Be a part of a team ministering together? Live to point others to God all summer?

Follow The Leader gives you a glimpse into that life by following an actual camp staffer and finding out EXACTLY what it’s like to live at and work at camp for the summer. Experience working at camp as a camp staffer as you look at it through someone else’s eyes.

Stay tuned to weekly posts for the rest of Summer 2013!

PS – Interested in working at camp? Keep your eyes peeled on our Camp Rocks page for Summer 2014 apps (posted btwn Nov 2013 & Feb 2014)!

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