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Fill The Kettle 2013

by in Action, Sliding Gallery

Have you ever stood at a Salvation Army kettle and rung the bells?!

It’s a pretty cool experience. You meet/see so many people from your community and you can sing or dance (depending on where you’re at). Sometimes it can be kinda chilly though if you’re standing outside at a kettle.

Maybe that’s not your thing. Perhaps you think it’s ‘embarassing’ or you’re afraid of getting a little chilly.

No probs, you can totally still do the kettle thing… just a diff’t way.

Host an online kettle! Ya, it’s true! You can register your own kettle online then get your followers/friends to donate. Totally cool huh?! It’s called Fill The Kettle and you can check it out HERE.

We think it builds character to stand at an actual kettle and would encourage you to give it a go this season but understand that it’s not for everyone. This way…there’s an option for us all so we’re without excuse!

Have fun… good luck raising $!

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