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Discussing God With J.W.’s

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Have you ever been sitting at home, heard the doorbell ring and when you went to the door, you encountered a couple people who wanted to chat with you about religion, the state of the world and leave you a magazine called ‘Watchtower’? Those people are Jehovah’s Witnesses. You might know a couple kids at school or your workplace.

That’s a great question! Recently we told you about an app from Dare 2 Share that helps you to share your faith! It’s a pretty sick app, if you haven’t checked it out yet, get deets here.

This app has a section in it where it links to a resource that helps you to discuss your faith with people who have different beliefs about how they understand the world/life/God/existence (called ‘Worldview’ see our article here). It explores how to have conversation with 13 people, each with a different worldview/belief. It’s under the section called ‘How 2 Share’.

For each person/worldview you’re given a basic description, questions to get the conversation going, areas to admire, a summary of that person’s core beliefs and tips for how to share your faith with that person.

Here’s some highlights on how to engage a Jehovah Witness person in conversation about God.
Q to ask – What do you think of Jesus’ claim that He was God and the way back to God?

Areas to Admire – they believe that Jesus Christ existed.

Beliefs – Jordan believes that Jesus Christ is not ‘Jehovah’ God, but the first son that ‘Jehovah’ brought forth. He is a god, but inferior to the only Father God.

Note: John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” The translators of the New World Translation misinterprets the end of this verse by adding an “a” as in “the Word was a god.” According to the vast majority of Greek language scholars, this is a poor translation.

Tips – Remember when asking questions about their beliefs, it’s better to leave the questions ‘third person’ (or hypothetically apply them to yourself) rather than applying them directly to the person, or their organization. Instead of saying, “Does your organization…?” you might say, “What if an organization…?” or “What if I…?” This approach may help her be less defensive.


Remember… you can’t argue someone to faith in Christ, but you can (and should) live such a Christlike life that those around you sense, see and experience something different and counter-cultural in you, which opens the door for you to explain the ‘evidence’.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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