Day of Prayer – Human Trafficking 2014

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Just under one month to go until the Day of Prayer for victims of human trafficking!

Get your friends or youth group together this month and raise awareness on Human Trafficking.

Wondering what to do?
1. Grab some fair trade coffee and snacks, and read a book or watch a movie together.
Movies: “Amazing Grace” (PG) or “Trade of Innocents” (PG-13) or “Trade” (R).
Books: David Batstone’s “Not for Sale”, which describes various kinds of human trafficking taking place around the world.

If too much reading gives you a headache, check out the graphic novel Borderland: Seven Stories As Told by Victims of Human Trafficking by Dan Archer and Olga Trusova. You can purchase them online or check your local library for availability too. (TIP FOR THE KEENERS… the Ethics Centre library in Winnipeg holds a copy of each one!)

2. Pray
3. Create awareness
Online: change your profile pic to something trafficking related, tweet or post something
IRL: connect your prayer to something awareness related in a public space

Let’s be LOUD in the fight against human trafficking. We want our voice to be heard around the world! Join us in prayer on September 28th!

DATE: September 28, 2014
LOCATION: worldwide
COST: time & energy
OPEN TO: everyone
MORE INFO: Stephanie or website
Get posters and prayer guides here

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