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Creed – I Believe…

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No, we’re not talking about a new Creed ballad that will surpass their hit song With Arms Wide Open. We’re actually talking about specific things that you believe. The reason we think it’s worth the conversation and thought is because what you believe is important. What you believe is what you value and trust in and it shapes how you live your life.

Think about it. If you thought you could get away with not going to school and graduating so you can get a decent job in life then you’d probably drop out of school, play video games or chill 24/7 (wait… maybe some of you have actually done this!!!!!). Ooopsies. Okay, think of another example. You get the idea.

Here’s four essential questions that help determine what you believe which ultimately directs how you’ll live your life. How you look at and understand the world around you is referred to as your worldview. All people, including you, live their lives in response to how they answer these questions!

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I? (in terms of historical time and space)
  3. What’s wrong? (with our condition/humanity/society)
  4. What will make things better?

This is what would be considered ‘the norm’ in our society or what most everyone else around you at school, work or on your sports team believes in. Sometimes it’s referred to as ‘Secular’ or ‘Humanist’.

  1. Who am I?
    I am a human being; an accident.
    My species evolved from monkeys.
  2. Where am I?
    I am on Earth, a planet that resulted from an accident called “the Big Bang.”
  3. What is wrong?
    There is a lack of education and a lack of money, therefore people are frustrated, disappointed, and defeated.
  4. How can it be fixed?
    By getting more money, more education, etc.

You can probably figure out that this is how a Christian interprets their world and existence. If you’re a Christian, then this SHOULD include you. We said ‘should’ because many who call themselves Christian actually find themselves believing the popular world view because of media, the school system, government and society’s influence and they haven’t learned to think through or been taught to interpret their world differently.

  1. Who am I?
    I am a human being created by an creative, all-powerful, all-knowing, awesome, loving God. He put me here to know Him and make Him known.
  2. Where am I?
    I am on the planet earth, created by God. This earth is so marvelously created that if it were hung differently in the universe, one inch more or less, it would not be able to sustain life.
  3. What is wrong?
    Disobedience to God (referred to in the bible as sin). When our first parents disobeyed God, sin entered the world and broke our relationship with God, our Creator. We (all humanity & creation) need our relationship with God restored.
  4. How can it be fixed?
    Jesus Christ, God’s Son, came into the world in human form and gave His life as a sacrifice for our disobedience and sin. We must believe and accept His sacrifice, trust in Him, let Him lead our life and seek God’s will and instruction in the bible.

Christianity is a world and life view and not simply a series of unrelated doctrines. Christianity includes all of life. Every realm of knowledge, every aspect of life, and every factor of the universe find their places and their answers within Christianity. It is a system of truth enveloping the entire world in its grasp. ~ Edwin H. Rain

Check out a more complete worldview chart here and read a good book about them here.


  • What are the pros & cons of living a life with a popular worldview?
  • What are the pros & cons of living a life with a Christian worldview?
  • What are the concerns with a society being shaped primarily by the popular worldview? How does that affect humanity? The environment? You?
  • Where and how is the popular worldview taught?
  • Which worldview do you hold and why?

For thousands of years, Christians have used creeds to clearly communicate what exactly it is that they believe. One such creed is the Apostles Creed. It was a creed that was written down and encouraged by the early Church fathers to ensure that the teachings of the Apostles was passed down without error from one generation to the next. No mix ups, no oopsies. If you are a Christian, this is your heritage, your roots. These statements are what has defined common held and practiced Christian faith for thousands of years.

Get rooted in your faith too! Print this resource off. Tuck one in your bible and give the other away to a buddy/friend who is trying to live a Christian world view too!

Apostles Creed – .pdf

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