Community = FUEL




Fuel is combustible material that is added to a fire to help it grow and keep it burning.

It’s the relationships and connections we have with others we surround ourselves with.

This community, these relationships are meant to feed the fire burning within us, help it grow and keep it going.

So when we say fuel, we’ll be talking about:

  • assessing the community we surround ourselves with (friends, family, mentors, support network, accountability buddy)
  • finding community by way of connecting to and supporting one another on our life and spiritual journey regardless of where we live (Nanaimo, BC to Grand Falls, NF and everything in between/above and below!)
  • being in community, what it means to be in community and encourage you to be part of or create a healthy one in your area.


Fuel can make or break the fire. It’s 1 of the 3 required elements for fire. The fire’s only as good as the fuel.

Crappy fuel equals a crummy fire that struggles to exist. Remember camping and trying to get the fire going so you can roast some hot dogs or marshmallows for dinner using wet wood on the fire. Yeah, you’re like the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing trying to get the darn fire to burn. It’s a workout just trying to eat. If only you had some good dry fuel to put on the fire then everything would be okay.

The only thing worse than poor fuel is no fuel. Eliminate the fuel (combustible material) and your fire will cease to burn and go out it’s that simple.

We want to ensure that you’re not stuck with no community around you for this thing called life and that those you do have around you are supportive, encouraging and bring out the best of what’s in you. We also want to help form you to be a support and encouragement to others.


The ‘Fuel’ section of will be the primary place where the content will all explore this topic of community.

The interactive nature of the site itself will allow you to find community as you interact, share ideas and encourage one another from across the country. ‘Live Fire’ gives you the opportunity to connect with someone who you can talk with, get some personal support from and help guide you in life and spiritual matters. By sharing prayer requests and celebrating answers to those prayers we’ll find connection and community amongst us. The ‘Events’ category will communicate opportunities for you to participate in gatherings of people in your area for connection, encouragement and friendship. We’re also hoping to facilitate on-line “events” using technology to allow us to engage in large group conversation once in a while. We will also explore the need for assessing the people we surround ourselves with, how and why to remove ourselves from relationship with some people and how and why to connect to others.

These are but a few ways that we hope to be a place of connecting you in community with others for yours & their encouragement.

Ultimately, as this thing called STF burns and grows, we’re ensuring we have good quality people (fuel) like you to add to the fire.

Need fuel // Get fuel // Be fuel

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