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New Youth Discipleship Framework

This year we’re releasing a new framework to help our children and youth become Christ-centred, others-focused disciples!
To learn more about @theReady and to give your input go to

Dream BIG: International Day of Prayer for Children and Youth

Hello everyone! The time is quickly approaching for our International Children & Youth Weekend.
The theme this year is: “Dream BIG: Pray Like A Child.”
Below you will find a download link filled with all kinds of resources to help your children and youth to Dream BIG!


Camp Staff applications 2019

We know it might be a little early to start thinking about summer plans and sunshine while you’re busy skating, skiing and snowboarding but camp staff applications are starting to appear
Check out the…
camp staff page
…to access the application for whichever camp(s) you want to apply to work at this summer. Staff apps for [...]

Summer Camp prayer resources

Resources to encourage people to pray for camps:

Facebook temporary profile frame
printable prayer cards
phone lock screen images
powerpoint backgrounds
powerpoint presentation file template

There are customized options for each camp or camping area, including French!



Call & Commitment Podcast

Listen to the latest CANBDA Youth Collective podcast as Major Terence Hale has a discussion with Lt. Col. Jamie Braund and Major Jennifer Hale about candidate recruitment and youth ministry.

To listen to our other podcasts, or to follow us on Soundcloud click HERE!

My 3-point Christmas Resource List

Click the image below to download our top three Christmas resource list!

These ideas come from the latest CANBDA Youth Collective podcast – you can check it out HERE!

Soldiership Resource

Promote soldiership in your ministries with youth! New t-shirt options available (click on image to download):

Use these tees to help teach teens the significance of the uniform, and to challenge those who are soldiers to “be what your uniform says you are”.
…Start them early! Onesies also available for babies (click on image to download):

Download Order [...]

Facing Down Injustice

Girl Power! Take part in the International Day of the Girl 2017.
For the past five years, Salvation Army girls have joined their voices to others from around the world on October 11. This year, we want to add YOUR voice to help make this year’s celebration the greatest ever!
If you’re aged 13-18, send us your [...]

Soldier Prep Course For Teens

BATTLE READY: An immersive preparatory Bible study for teens considering soldiership in The Salvation Army.
Battle Ready is built on the idea that “a Salvation Soldier lives a life marked by a CHRIST–centred, OTHERS–focused faith, in sacred covenant,” and aims to educate and train teens through interactive means, preparing them to make the decision to live as [...]

Flippin’ The Tables on Holy Week

With Easter right around the corner, we invite you to take a fresh look at Holy Week with your family this year! Use our 8 days of family table devotions, “Flippin’ the Tables on Holy Week”, to enter into the story together and experience the change Jesus calls us to make in our own lives [...]

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