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Lady Gaga – Judas

This song is the second single release from Lady Gaga’s second studio album, Born This Way (2011). In typical Lady Gaga fashion, a pre-release publicity blitz ensured anticipation and a splashy debut when the song was released on April 15, 2011, and then again when the video premiered three weeks later on May 5. Because [...]

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Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

This catchy dance/pop song is the fifth single from Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album to chart at #1, making her the second artist (Michael Jackson was the first) and first woman to have five songs from the same album top the singles charts. The single released on June 6, 2011, with the video debuting six [...]


FREEBIE Day 3 – Secret Survivor

Today’s gift is a great book called – Secret Survivors!
Read the compelling and true real life stories of people who have lived secret pain in their lives and have found healing, hope and have become overcomers. They’ve dealt with issues like:

Date rape
Physical abuse
Pornography addiction
Eating disorders
Drug & Alcohol addiction

As an added bonus freebie for [...]

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LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Chances are that if you’re a teenager and you’ve got a pulse, you’ve not only heard of/listen to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem but you’ve also driven people around you mad by randomly stopping and saying… “Every Day I’m Shufflin”!
While Redfoo & SkyBlu’s musical style is geared toward partying, their looks scream modern/80’s mash up. [...]


Tide: Short Skirts?

Anywhere from 247 to over 3,000—that’s how many advertisements the average North American is exposed to per day (according to a variety of sources, from Consumer Reports to the Newspaper Association of America). And in our current culture, advertisements are no longer mere product descriptions — often times, advertisements give absolutely no information about the [...]


Playtex Sport – U R Unstoppable?

You see thousands of them a day. . . advertisements that is. And the marketing blitz hitting you from every direction is about a lot more than just selling product. Ads tell stories, appeal to emotions, and sell ways of looking at and living life. Marketing sells you goods, services, and worldviews. That’s why even [...]

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Splat: Rebellious Colours

One company that’s effectively tapping into the teen spirit and youth market is Splat Hair Color. The Splat line is just one in a number of hair care product lines from Developlus, Inc. The Splat line has recently been marketed through an aggressive print ad campaign in a variety of youth-targeted magazines. The ads trumpet [...]


Underoath Interview

*re-printed with permission from MORE
Jarrod Newton of MORE caught up with with Underoath guitarist Tim McTague (third from right) in the leadup to the world-famous metalcore band’s Australian tour. Underoath is in the country from May 8-18 – check out their touring schedule on the band’s Facebook page.
Jarrod Newton: Tim, now that the dust has [...]

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Carrie Underwood – Praying For Time

So this is a sweet-sounding, but really angry song. If you’re a Christian, it should make you feel uncomfortable. Y’see, it wasn’t written from a Christian perspective, but from the world’s, looking at Christians. I think there is some serious truths in here that need to be listened to (…although I’m not sure that God [...]


Coke: Heroin in a Can?

I know, I know. Cola fans are split down the middle like people are about Bieber. You’re either a Coke fan or a Pepsi fan. Nothing makes you madder than when you go into a restaurant like McD’s or Quizno’s and they only have one or the other. The thought of drinking ‘the other kind’ [...]

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