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Sexting Alternative

Asking for nude pics used to be reserved for ‘weirdos’ but in more recent years as this phenomenon has moved past being a trend and into a more mainstream place it’s as easily a friend from school doing the asking.
Have you or your friends ever been bugged by someone asking for a pic of [...]


Look Up – A Message for Youth

Do you find yourself with your face stuck in front of a screen all the time?
Cell phone, iPad, iPod, computer, tv, DS…
Playing games, texting, updating your status, commenting, liking, posting, editing, tweeting, chatting, facetiming, skyping…
If so, you need an intervention!!!!! Watch this vid and think about it!


Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

(STF editor note ~ Caution… sexually explicit lyrics are listed)
Written and recorded in an hour-and-a-half, this title cut from Robin Thicke’s sixth studio album was named Billboard’s “Song of the Summer” for 2013. Released on March 26, 2013, Blurred Lines has charted at #1 in multiple countries and stayed atop the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 [...]

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The Mighty Duckhunters

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson clan may look like the cast of Deliverance, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.
credit: Faith & Friends October 2013
The verdict is in: TV watchers would rather keep up with the Robertsons than the Kardashians.
And they’re voting with their remotes. A&E’s Duck Dynasty—about a family who went from rags to [...]

The Great Gatsby

Movie:The Great Gatsby
Release Date: May 2013
Rating: PG-13
Studio: Warner Bros Entertainment
The Great Gatsby is Baz Luhrman’s cinematic interpretation of the classic American novel of the same title by F. Scott Fitzgerald. If anyone were asking for a book to help understand the American jazz age of the 1920’s this would be the book that would be [...]


Fit For A King – Creation Destruction

Band: Fit For A King
Album: Creation/Destruction (listen here)
Release Date: March 2013
Label: Solid State Records
Fit For A King has just released their label debut on Solid State Records March 12th of this year. It is a powerful album that will surely establish them as serious players in the Christian metal scene. Residing in Tyler, Texas, Fit [...]

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The Killers – Here With Me

This song is the third single release off The Killers fourth studio album, Battle Born. The video, which was released in December 2012, was directed by Tim Burton and features Winona Ryder in the role of a mannequin who occasionally comes to life. In typical Burton form, the video is dark, artsy and surreal. Burton’s [...]

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Two & A Half Men Star Speaks Out

Have you heard of this recent Hollywood controversy that hit the news last week?
19 year old Angus T. Jones who has played the role of Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men since 2003, is featured in a new video for Forerunner Christian Church and he urges fans to stop watching the show and [...]

The Chariot – One Wing

Band: The Chariot
Album: One Wing (listen here)
Release Date: August 2012
Label: Good Fight Music
This band has been pushing the boundaries of live performance for many years. For real, if you want to see the most intense live show of your life, go see The Chariot. But on their newest album, One Wing, they are pushing the [...]


K’naan – Is Anybody Out There?

Originally released as a digital audio single on January 24,2012, this collaboration between Somali-born rapper K’Naan and pop singer Nelly Furtado visually and lyrically captures and addresses the brokenness felt by far too many of you young people in today’s world. Released in video format on March 1, 2012, the song has not received much [...]

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