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Back 2 School Tips – Accessories

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Boom Box BagWe hate to break the bad news but it’s almost that time again. Some of you have already begun to think about it and are already shopping so you can head back to school in style rockin’ your new kicks, Chuck Liddell short & wide hawk, neon shades, shoulder bag/backpack, dangle earrings, nose stud and any other ‘cool’, fashionable accessory you can lay your hard earned summer job money down on.

We got your back brothers and sisters. Yep, that’s right. We know the value of accessorizing and so we wanna throw you a bone this year. Some of you have joined the Mac ranks recently and have a spiffy new laptop or will be getting one. Question. You accessorize yourself but what about your buddy Mac? Mac don’t want to be left out and he surely doesn’t want to be stuck in some generic case.

Accessorize your laptop with a custom case in a style that’s literally ‘all you’ using that favourite t-shirt in your dresser drawer you’ve been holding on to for too long already. While you’re dressing up Mac, you’ll also be taking a stand to help restore and rebuild the lives of victims of sexual trafficking! How sweet is that?! Check out the concept and innovative company here.

The vision for Hello Rewind today is as a social enterprise creating two-fold renewal. One, to recycle old, beloved t-shirts and make something brand new. Two, to develop a business which supports sex trafficking survivors in New York City.

What do you think? Tell us below.

So, what t-shirt are you gonna use? Lady Ga-Ga, Iron Maiden, Skillet, Hillsong United, Camp Staff, Superman, Hello Kitty, A.E, Old Navy…

School’s tough, we know but remember we’ve got your back. Not only with cool tips like this but we have a prayer wall for you to leave prayer requests on so we can all pray for you through the year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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