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A Sweet Advent Calendar

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Advent means ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’, especially of something extremely important. For Christians, it is the period of 4 weeks leading up to Christmas day where they celebrate the arrival of the God man – Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago! It’s also a time to look forward with expectation to when Jesus will return again.

The season of Advent is celebrated in different ways. Have you ever gotten one of those calendars that you tear open the tab for the day and pop out a little piece of cheap, waxy chocolate that you quickly devour? hahaha, I’m sure many of you have. That’s a common Christmas tradition and one of the ways to celebrate the Advent season for many people.

Like the video above, we thought we’d like to conspire to help you celebrate Advent different this year! Instead of receiving a cheap chocolate that’s sweet but not all that tasty, you get to GIVE something sweet instead!

Here’s a truly sweet Advent Calendar for 2009.

  • Beginning at #1 on Tuesday, December 1, 2009; move down the list one item per day till you reach #25 on Christmas day.
  • Take the $ you collected and put it into a Salvation Army Christmas kettle OR donate it to your local Salvation Army Food Bank. If you don’t have a food bank in your city or town, you can donate online, ph or mail. If none of those work for you then just donate the $ to another local group in your community who fights poverty!

1. 10 ¢ for every hot water tap in your house
2. 75 ¢ for every vehicle your family owns
3. 10 ¢ for every pair of jeans you own
4. 50 ¢ if your family subscribes to the newspaper
5. 20 ¢ for every bed in your house
6. 5 ¢ for every /beauty makeup item you own
7. 10 ¢ for every pair of footwear in your house
8. 5 ¢ for every light switch in your house
9. 25 ¢ for every tub/shower
10. 50 ¢ for every flush toilet
11. 15¢ for every bar/dispenser of soap
12. 1 $ if you have dishes to eat off of
13. 1 $ if you have cooking pots in your cupboards
14. 50 ¢ for every computer in your house
15. 50 ¢ for every outside door
16. 25 ¢ for every television in your house
17. 25 ¢ for every magazine subscription
18. 50 ¢ for every mp3 player in your home
19. 15 ¢ for every meal you had meat with this past week
20. 20 ¢ for every non-water beverage you drank yesterday
21. 1 $ if you have a snow blower or a gas/electric lawn mower
22. 10 ¢ for every item of hair care stuff
23. 15 ¢ for every bedroom in your house
24. 10 ¢ for every blanket in your house
25. 15 ¢ for every gift you received this Christmas

Download Print Copy HERE

Hang it up in your bedroom. Mark off each day and collect $ in a container.

*modified from Buy Nothing Christmas –

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