Love Globally

Love Globally

Show some love globally and give someone a Gift of Hope any time of the year!

“What’s a Gift of Hope?” you ask. Unlike the usual things we like to think of as gifts (clothes, game console, dvd, mp3 player…), these gifts bring hope to the receiver. Hope for a better life.

Here’s some gifts:

  • goat, pig or cow
  • schooling
  • safe clean water for life
  • stock a medical clinic
  • solar cooker

Most of us in North America would be considered ‘rich’ by world standards. Why not share the wealth and transform lives on the other side of this big blue planet?!

  1. organize a concert/artshow at school and have proceeds go to buying as many gifts as you can.
  2. buy a gift for a family member or gf, bf or bff on their birthday or at Christmas
  3. ask for a Gift of Hope for your birthday or Christmas INSTEAD of another gift you DON’T REALLY NEED.

The Salvation Army offers you the chance to buy these gifts and then distributes them to people in need that they are in community with around the world. Pretty sweet huh?!