Feed The Hungry

Feed The Hungry

Tons of people in our communities all across Canada & Bermuda have a hard time rubbing two nickels together and find themselves poor and hungry. YOU can help them put some grub in their tummies and if they are lucky enough, some food in their cupboards.


The Salvation Army runs food banks in hundreds of communities like yours across Canada & Bermuda and the need NEVER ends!

  1. collect or donate food
  2. organize a food drive at your school or workplace
  3. volunteer to help pack food hampers
  4. volunteer to sort food

All you have to do is contact your local (or nearby) Salvation Army. Search now.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Salvation Army foodbank where you live, find out who is running one and connect with them.

BTW – your food bank volunteer time probably counts for credits at your school! Check into it.

What are you waiting for… roll up your sleeves and get involved! Tummies are grumbling…