Clothe The Naked

Clothe The Naked

OK, let’s keep this thing PG-13 so people likely aren’t ACTUALLY naked BUT they might have pretty smelly clothes and not many nickels to rub together to get what you would think are new, cool threads. Poverty shouldn’t be a life sentence.

You can take a bite out of consumerism and help clothe the naked (as well as help them get reasonably priced other stuff for living) at the same time by supporting your local Salvation Army Thrift store. You’ll also be showing a little L-O-V-E to the planet because a recent annual report shows that these Salvation Army stores diverted 60 million pounds of materials from landfills across Canada. WOW, think about that!

  1. donate your used clothes and outerwear
  2. organize a clothing drive at school or where you work (escpecially for socks, toques, mitts and jackets during the winter for the homeless
  3. volunteer to sort clothes or do whatever needs to be done
  4. start a fashion revolution at your high school – buy & wear used clothes
  5. before buying anything else new, check your local thrift store first and buy there if possible (their profits go towards helping others in the community)

All you have to do is contact your local (or nearby) Salvation Army Thrift Store. Search now.

If there isn’t a Salvation Army thrift store where you live, don’t worry. Find out who does run one and connect with them!

BTW – your thrift store volunteer time probably counts for credits at your school! Check into it.

What are you waiting for… jump in and get involved! Wallets & bank accounts need saving…