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7 Must Have Back-2-School Apps

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Wow… where did summer go?:( By now you’re back into the thick of things at school – up to your eyeballs in homework, trying to get to know that new person, exchanging new cell#’s, complaining about teacher so-and-so…! Here’s a list of a couple of apps that we think you should totally check out and consider installing on your handheld for this school year.

  1. Bible – Consume the word. Allow the bible(and not popular music/movies/media and your peers) to shape your understanding of the world, your identity and how you’re to live this life. It’ll blow your mind!
  2. iStudiez – assigment, task, schedule, grade tracker all in one place. Works in conjunction with iCal too!
  3. Quizlet – digital flashcards to study almost anything. Pick an already created set OR make your own. Choose from four diff’t learning styles and two diff’t flashcard games to customize your studying to you!
  4. audionote – stay organized using this year using this unique note app. If you don’t like it, consider these two other popular apps – Wunderlist and Evernote
  5. inClass – organize your class schedule, share your notes and ace your classes with this sweet FREE app that’s reinventing being a student.
  6. Porn Protector: mobile | computer – don’t get destroyed by porn this year. It rewires your brain, messes you up emotionally & socially and cultivates a warped sense of personal identity and sexuality. Stay pure, guard your mind.
  7. Google Drive or Dropbox – save a copy of your project/paper ‘in the cloud’ so if something happens to your computer, you won’t have to drink 5 energy drinks and stay up for 2 days straight to re-do your project/paper and get it in on time.
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  • Jones

    My must have app for school is English vocabulary app by Superflashcard. Not only vocabulary, but I could also study other subjects with this app, or creating cards for my lessons. But the thing I like best about it is that it has many studying modes and support all kinds of mobile platforms.