5 Apps to Help You Walk Humbly

by in Formation, Sliding Gallery

…$5 to anyone who can recite Micah 6:8 from memory! JK, I’m definitely too poor for that :)

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

So over the last couple of weeks, we’ve acted justly, and loved mercy. And now it’s time to walk humbly with our God. The dictionary tells us that to be humble means that you’re modest – not proud or arrogant. You’re low in importance or quality, and you’re courteously respectful.

I think we have an awesome opportunity to practise walking humbly with God during our lives. When Jesus returns, I don’t think this will be an issue. Just imagine being face to face with God – who is basically glowing with all holiness and ultimate goodness. It’ll be pretty obvious to everyone who deserves all the attention, praise and honour. But until then, it’s up to us to keep Him in mind as we live our lives.

Here are five apps to help us out with that:
1. Free Daily Bible Verses (Android devices)
Sometimes it’s hard to remember to read your bible regularly. Here is an app that will bring the bible to you! Each morning you get a new daily bible verse to memorize, think over, or just inspire you at the start of another busy day.

LINK: here

2. 100 Days of Hope
These 100 short devos cover such topics as calling, hope, justice, poverty, prayer, and suffering & healing. It’s good food for thought, and a reminder to pray for people less fortunate than us.

LINK: here

3. Pray!
Pray! is available in several languages, including French, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. It’s basically a prayer journal where you can write your prayers, and set reminders to keep you praying.

Use “Reminder”, to schedule a local notification that can remind you to pray at a certain time, even when you’re not running the app. You can repeat reminders daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Add a request to any number of Prayer Areas for easier sorting and better organization. Pray! ships with a set of default Prayer Areas, but you are free to add, edit, or delete as many you wish.

LINK: here

4. Bible
The Bible! Online and off, many versions, many languages; reading plans and audio bibles.

LINK: here

5. 3 Minute Retreat
Jesus went often by himself to lonely places to keep in touch with God. This app doesn’t take the place of an actual retreat, but for times when you’re busy, here’s a ready-made mini retreat. It changes daily, you can go at your own pace and if you hate the music, there’s a convenient mute button :)

LINK: here

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