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I’ll Fight Day 2016

[ December 3, 2016; ] I’ll Fight Day is a Salvation Army youth servant evangelism day that will take place all across the world. It’s a way for you to share the Gospel through practical acts of kindness: like giving out free hot chocolate, returning shopping carts or cleaning up at a mall food court. These acts are done to [...]

The Joyful Project

It’s getting closer to the end of the year, so people will soon be doing their Christmas shopping! Here’s a gift idea that doesn’t just look good, but has a great back story as well.
The Joyful Project sells merchandise produced by Freeset – a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata’s sex trade.
This [...]

Introducing: NEON

WHAT: A worship team supported by the Music and Gospel Arts Department
WHY: We want the God we worship to be seen through all we do and to lead by example both musically and in our daily lives.
NEON is available across the Territory to support divisions and corps in worship, retreats, events and training. The name NEON comes from a [...]

Rideau Heights Corps

Want to inspire young people? Looking for a job in Youth Ministry? Rideau Heights Corps is offering a full-time ministry position in Kingston ON. This is an amazing opportunity to engage with children and youth, and families in the church and surrounding community. Get your application in today!
Check out the application HERE or DOWNLOAD
Contact: Tina [...]